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There is something about a fresh cut British grown Christmas tree, from the scent of pine to the deep green needles that really makes a home feel festive. Members of the British Christmas Tree Growers Association (BCTGA) cultivate trees in a location close to you and supply directly or through your local Garden centre or florist Have pride in British capabilities and ownership. Available in all shapes and sizes, a real tree will embellish any home with a scent and beauty.


Consider this: A British grown tree, bought from a local BCTGA member is environmentally sound – no long haul transportation is involved and all members of the BCTGA subscribe to a code of conduct that ensures their crops are sustainable and do not cause damage to the local wildlife. Buying British trees also means that we are taking responsibility for the environmental impact of our own energy consumption and carbon emissions. Whilst growing, Christmas trees recycle carbon dioxide by turning it into fresh oxygen. Tree farms provide habitat for wildlife and several species of birds – which is taken into account by BCTGA members in the cultivation of trees.


Buying British trees defends our identity and our values. Buying a tree from a local BCTGA member guarantees the tree will be of good quality and freshly harvested. Artificial trees are non-biodegradable and will spend centuries degrading in landfill sites if thrown away. If burnt they can release deadly toxins into the air. Most artificial trees are made of amanufactured in the Far East, transporting them to the UK has an impact on the environment and adds carbon emissions. Buying a tree from a member of the BCTGA means ethical production, fair wages and decent working conditions. Real trees can be recycled in a number of ways, including in lakes and ponds for fish habitat and chipped for compost. Buying British trees from the BCTGA gives you a security of supply and self-reliance